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tush, ass, butt, booty, buns
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It was on a typical Monday morning where everything seemed to go slower than expected. Although it was summer, it was raining cats and dogs. Unfortunately I had to go to the office. I had rather stay in my bed for a couple of hours and play a little bit with my big dildo. But duty called and I had to get up. After a quick breakfast I went into the shower and did my normal thing. Soaping up my pussy and shaving it to make it nice and smooth. I crouched down on my knees in a low squat position so I could shave in every little corner of my honeysweet little pussy. Because I really wasn’t feeling like going to the office I decided to give myself some extra time in the shower. I shaved my ass as well. You never know what that is good for. As an extra treat I fingered my ass and pussy and fantasized as if two hot chicks were  fingering and licking me down there. My two personal shower slaves that would obey me to please me. After coming I stood up again. The muscles in my  legs hurt a little bit because of the deep squat position I had been in. After further cleaning up myself, removing all the soap and little hairs from my body and drying myself I picked up some sexy clothes for this rainy Monday at the office. I did put on a pink bra, maybe I had to run from my car to the office. I decided not to put on a thong, which always makes me feel sexy. So I slipped into a tight little orange skirt, which was a bit stretchy and nicely wrapped around my nice ass. I looked over my shoulder into the mirror and checked out if my ass did look hot into the orange skirt and it was approved. Especially with that nude back and the pink bra. Since I had to get into the office I had to put on a blouse, unfortunately… To finish I used minimal make up and low boots with high heels, to make my calves look good. I left one button too much open, so people could see my bra and I was ready for the office…

The trip to the office was lousy. Because of the rain there was a lot of traffic and it took me ages to find a parking place. I did had to run from my car to the office, because of the rain. After passing the reception and receiving some approving looks from as well the girl and guy from security, I could wait in front of the elevator. Everybody was late that day, so it took ages for the elevator to get to the ground floor. Finally after 10 minutes it was there. Together with 4 other people, 3 sharp dressed men and one beautiful girl with dark curly hair, I stepped into the elevator. It was already a bit crowded. At the first stop 2 more people came in. Everybody had to move and chuck in a bit to make enough room. I was able to maneuver myself facing one of those sharp dressed business man and the beautiful girl behind me. Next stop, more people coming in. I was squeezed a bit between three people and a wall. The strange thing is that in a crowded elevator people are not really talking, why everybody is standing in each other’s personal space. Suddenly I felt a hand against my right butt. Or was it not? Yes, it was a hand. Was this a mistake? Well, I could feel some fingers and a thumb, at least, that was what I thought I felt. I did not really cared about it, but I could also not really respond to it. Saying in a crowded elevator if somebody approves your ass is not really done. I felt the hand and fingers squeezing my ass a bit. It was not really hard, it was a bit sensual. After a while I felt the other hand lifting up my skirt a bit and gently move one of the fingers against my slit. By that time my pussy was getting wet and I wanted that finger inside me. I then noticed that business man in front of my was looking at me and at my tits with a sharp look. While I was enjoying this butt massage and the teasing finger I totally forgot I was facing him. I don’t know how long he was looking at me, but I imagined he wanted to lick my breast and suck my nipples…Some people left the elevator and I was able to turn around in the still crowded elevator. Now I was facing this mysterious but beautiful girl with that dark and curly hair. She said hi to me with a naughty look in her eyes. Who was this girl? I must say that she has some guts. I did not really knew what to say to her. There was no time to think of anything really, because the next stop some other people came in again. I was pushed a bit against her, I felt her nipples against my breast and if we wanted, we could kiss. I fantasized a bit about gently kissing her. Sticking out my tongue a bit out and telling her to suck it. My own personal elevator sex slave, doing anything to please me, the slave of which I still don’t know her name. What I totally forgot is that the business man behind me was pushed against me as well. I suddenly felt something hard against my butt. It was not a hand. O my god! He was having a hard cock! And he was being pushed against my ass. That big cock was feeling so big against my tiny ass. Playing around with my dildo is one thing, but that real man cock felt interesting as well. I started fantasizing a bit. That hard pole made me feel very horny. I fantasized I was twerking against him and making him groan. Oh shit! I was twerking a bit for real! I then felt his hand against my hip. As if he was asking for more!  Although I am more into girls, this sharp dressed business man’s cock did turn me on a bit more I expected. And I was facing this personal elevator sex slave girl at the same time. Talking about a wet Monday at the office!

Next stop, the curly black hair girl had to get out, it was not my floor, but I had to get out, leaving the sharp dressed business man alone with his hard pole. In a hurry I could call the girl, she almost fled away. Hi, my name is Boupo, hmmm, do I know you? Oh shit, what a lousy pick up line… What pick up line! This girl was almost fingering me in the elevator and made me as a lesbian do things with a man I never thought I would do in my entire life! Oh, you don’t recognize me? Oh, wait, of course, last time I had a wig, a pretty red bob line wig, in that club, a couple of months ago. We were French kissing at the bar. Oh wait, your name is Laila! Well, not really, but since I am working here I better tell you my real name: Ann. Wow Ann, nice to meet you I said with a self-confident smile. I was a bit flabbergasted, but I needed to show this girl some power play. What is your function her Ann? I am a project assistant. OK, I am a line manager from the consultancy department Ann. Is this how you treat all your colleagues in a crowded Elevator? And then I became a bit bitchy. Does your manager know about this behavior? Oh, no! She whispered! Please don’t tell my manager about this! Ah, right where I want her I thought to myself, this girl will be getting a sweet lesson from me… I could already visualize her in front of…nude with only high heeled boots and a pink bra…twerking on my demand…I want to see you coming Friday, 20:30 in that restaurant next to the club where we met…and you pay the bill Ann….Certainly I will…please don’t tell my manager...Come here I said. I put two fingers against her lips…before I could say hush, she started licking my fingertips…now go Ann…it’s Monday….a very wet Monday….

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Here I was at the coffee machine. Another dull day at the office. And I felt like doing something naughty. Something really naughty and to turn myself on a bit. And there she was, the girl from the legal department. As always she was wearing a short skirt with high heels. And because of the summer time no panties, so you could see her nice tanned legs. I never figured out if she was lesbian or hetero. Most probably a hetero girl. But it did not matter to me. I found my victim. I would make her feel uncomfortable and turn her on at the same time.

I just picked up my fresh hot coffee from the machine and quickly opened up one of my buttons from my shirt, so she could see just a little too much from my tits and bra. I turned around and tried to provoke her. She did not respond to that at all. Ah, stupid hetero girl!

I gave her some room to get her the coffee. She ordered one and another one from the machine. She had to get some coffee for some of her colleagues as well. When she picked up a third cup, I could not resist, and I threw my cup with my coffee over her legs...
She did not scream, but it was clear she did not liked it :-). Next to that, her own coffee went over her blouse. I took her to the ladies room to help her with cleaning her up. I told her I would take care of it, said sorry for a hundred times. I picked up some tissues and started to clean her legs. I told her to take of her blouse. When I cleaned her legs I went up from the inside of her leg towards her pussy. Not slowly, but fast as if I was rubbing her clean. She then let me go on. I touched her pussy, and felt her thong was soaking wet :-) Going down and up again. With my thumb a little bit against her ass. That's all right now she said. I pushed my finger a bit inside her. Oh, I am sorry, I thought you meant it was OK, sorry again darling :-)

I helped her further and said sorry again to her. She left the office to get some clean clothes, I offered to bring her to her apartment, fantasizing in myself on having sex with her on her bed. She said, maybe some other time, today I am a bit busy she said. I guess my naughty attitude of today might be the start of some hot sex on another day :-)


Boupo Epsu
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Hi all,

Allow me to introduce myself. I am an amateur female artist. My main interest in art is erotic art, and I really like to draw beautiful women. It is not very difficult for me to find models to do that. The reason for that is my current work as a business consultant. At this moment my base location is in the Netherlands, but for my work I have to travel to many different places in Europe. Everywhere I come I meet nice girls and because I am pretty good looking myself it is not very difficult for me to get in touch with these girls and women. I have discovered that many women are interested in other women and then I mean from a sexual point of view. Yes, I am into girls and women. I like to flirt with them, to invite them for a drink in my hotel room and to show them my art. Often I ask if they are willing to pose for me. And often that is never really a problem. In my gallery I will show you some of the work I created in hotel rooms from the beautiful girls I met while travelling abroad.

Hope you will enjoy it!

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